LMP-2A LMP-2B Major tegument protein (gamma specific), FGARAT homology IL-10 null null EBNA-LP (IR1 protein) EBNA-2 IR2 protein bcl-2 homolog nuclear matrix protein (interacts with BFRF1) Putative major envelope glycoprotein aka BFRF4 Inner nuclear membrane protein (interacts with BFLF2) null smallest capsid protein (hexon tips), VCA-p18 Large Tegument Protein (LTP) Large Tegument Protein (BPLF1) binding protein (LTP-BP) minor capsid (1x triplex) Assembly_DNA maturation protein ribonucleotide red. Large subunit, EA-R ribonucleotide red. Small subunit DS-DNA-bp, processivity factor; EA-D membrane protein with RGD motif Mta IE transactivator SM protein, EB2; SM = BSLF2 + BMLF1 Primase Palmytoylated Protein (Palm P) dUTPase gN, gp15 VCA-p23, gamma specific tegument protein gp350_220 null EBNA-3A EBNA-3B EBNA-3C binds gH_gL, gp42 Zta, ZEBRA, EB1 IE transactivator Rta IE transactivator co-activator of BRLF1 (Rta) gamma specific tegument protein EBNA-1 (IR3 protein) gL, gp25 uracil DNA glycosylase gamma specific tegument protein Helicase portal null BBLF2_3 = helicase-primase acc. Protein gM, gp113_gp84 MyrP alkaline exonuclease T_S protein  kinase null null ATPase subunit of terminase (putative) MyrP-BP null null null gp150 gamma specific tegument protein minor capsid protein (2x triplex) major capsid protein null gH, gp85 TK null cork protein (closes portal) aka BVLF1 proteinase, spliced to BdRF1 capsid scaffold protein, VCA-p40 gp78 IR4 protein BRLF1 (Rta) antagonist null BART_CST transcript gp64, 7 transmembranes DNA polymerase null gB, gp110, cleaved into N term (gp78) and C term (gp58) BART_CST transcript terminase subunit (putative) ?transport protein ?binds spliced gene BART_CST transcript major ssDNA binding protein bcl-2 homolog (antagonist) null null LMP-1 LMP1-D1